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Want to Try the “Old Hollywood” Effect in Your Home Theater System?

on Thursday, 10 October 2019. Posted in Home Theater System Fayetteville, AR, Home Theater Systems

Seeing Movies in Anamorphic Style Give Visuals New Life!

Want to Try the “Old Hollywood” Effect in Your Home Theater System?

Whatever movie you view, from modern action flicks, dramas and comedies to sports events, it will most likely benefit from the superior image rendering of anamorphic style. 

What is anamorphic formatting? This setup automatically fills your screen with the aspect ratio intended by the film’s creator. Basically, if a film was meant to be seen in square aspect ratio (1.33:1), that’s how anamorphic will render it. If the movie is a widescreen and features a rectangular aspect ratio (1.85:1 or 2.35:1), it will fill the entire screen, automatically.

Prepare your home theater system for endless entertainment before the colder season settles in by revamping your screen setup. In this blog, we’ll let you know a few more details and benefits of this visual configuration so you’ll understand how to experience more immersive movies in your Fayetteville, Arkansas, home.

Upgrading Your Outdoor Entertainment? Let’s Talk TVs and Audio.

on Thursday, 19 September 2019. Posted in Outdoor Entertainment, Outdoor Entertainment, Rogers, AR

Find out why you need ultra-bright TVs and weatherproof audio outside.

Upgrading Your Outdoor Entertainment? Let’s Talk TVs and Audio.

Here in the South, fall presents one of the most beneficial seasons for outdoor entertainment. As you know, our summers can get so warm that sometimes we avoid anything that’s not air conditioned for a while. Just as football season approaches, however, we can relish the fresh breeze and a good drink from your patio. Watch your favorite team win while surrounded by your best friends, host BBQs or sip hot apple cider as Halloween approaches.

Whatever your goals for the season, you’ll probably need some equipment to actualize them. You likely won’t achieve the full effect of outdoor entertainment without an outdoor A/V system, including a durable, weatherproof TV and audio setup. We’ll talk more about why it’s essential to find a specialized display and speaker system, so stay tuned!

Does Your Home Security System Protect All Your Entryways?

on Saturday, 07 September 2019. Posted in Home Security System Fort Smith, AR, Home Security System

Don’t Overlook These Frequently Used Access Points!

Does Your Home Security System Protect All Your Entryways?

Your doorways serve as the gatekeepers of your home. While we’re sure the first entry you think of when you consider bolstering your home security system is your front door, a well-protected home requires a little reinforcement of other entries, and that includes garage doors and gates. At AV Design Consultants, we believe every detail counts when considering your Fort Smith, Arkansas home’s safety, so let’s talk about a couple of areas that deserve a second look. 

We’ll show you how we design entryways that enforce safety to keep criminals out and provide additional access to help loved ones come in. Ready to learn how remote access and smart locks work together to give you a safe, convenient home? Keep reading.

4 Reasons Homeowners Shouldn’t Overlook Motorized Shades

on Wednesday, 21 August 2019. Posted in Motorized Shades, Bentonville, AR, Motorized Shades

Upgrading Your Home? Here’s Why You Should Prioritize Motorized Window Treatments.

4 Reasons Homeowners Shouldn’t Overlook Motorized Shades

It’s unfortunate but true: Sometimes motorized shades seem like an afterthought, even for integrated homes. Homeowners often choose to upgrade other smart home functions, like whole-home AV, security, media room and more before they consider replacing their manual shades with some automated varieties.

When you consider the possibilities inherent in one technology, however, you won’t want to miss motorized shades for your Bentonville, AR, home. They’re simultaneously some of the most design-focused and pragmatic equipment available for homes today. 

How? Few upgrades can impact your home’s aesthetic, protect your possessions and save energy like motorized shades do -- all while enhancing the function of your other integrated technology. Keep reading to better understand what we mean and why you’re missing out without them.




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