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3 Reasons Why a Custom Home Theater is Better

on Friday, 25 August 2017. Posted in Home Theater Systems Springdale, AR, Home Theater Systems

Don’t Skimp on a Home Entertainment System

3 Reasons Why a Custom Home Theater is Better

According to a study done by Nielsen, Americans watch an average of five hours and four minutes of TV a day—which is about 35 hours a week. According to an article in Business Insider, that’s almost the equivalent of a full-time job! In addition to that, the study found about 50 percent of homeowners in our country have a subscription to a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. A majority of the population is still watching live TV, but they also use DVR and other sources. If you digest a lot of TV during the week, it makes sense to invest in quality equipment. Whether you are a news junkie, film buff or gamer, a professional home theater system installation will enhance your home entertainment. In this blog we’ll cover why a custom solution by a local expert like us is so much better than an off-the-shelf package or DIY-type solution. Leave it up to the experts.


1. Save Yourself Time and Frustration

If you take a home theater installation into your own hands, you could end up with a mess and a lot of headaches. Why go to the trouble of trying to figure out how to position a surround sounds system, stream 4K content or hook up a universal remote when an expert down the road can do it (better and faster) for you? When you consult with an integrator early in the game, you prevent mistakes, saving you precious time and money.

2. Simplify Your Controls

You’ll never have to guess which remote does what again when you have a custom home theater. We’ll put one remote in your hand and it will not only control all of your video content from cable TV, to volume, and Netflix but it will also access your lighting, security and other smart home features. Instead of a handy remote, you can use a tablet and place it on your coffee table or simply open up an app on your smartphone. If you have the Amazon Echo, you can say “Alexa turn on Stranger Things” and it will immediately turn on the TV and bring up the show on Netflix.

3. Get Access to Exclusive Technology and Content

Want to see stunning and crisp picture? Ultra HD—also known as 4K - delivers four times the resolution (in total pixels) of full HD 1080p. Ultra HD technology is available in flat-panel TVs, super-thin OLED TVs, and projectors for the home theater, and even video distribution systems for the whole house. With a Control4 system, you can watch videos in Ultra HD at up to 10 locations. Start a movie in the living room and the stop it and finish it upstairs in your bedroom without having to move the Blu-ray disc or player. Since all of the video equipment is conveniently located and organized in one location, you can switch from room to room without the added effort.

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