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3 Unique Ways to Use Security Cameras

on Monday, 10 July 2017. Posted in Security System Springdale, AR, Security System

Discover These Additional Benefits of Smart Security

3 Unique Ways to Use Security Cameras

Our number-one goal in installing security and surveillance is protecting your home. But did you know that there are other benefits to using a professional security system? It’s not all about capturing criminals on camera or scaring them away with a blaring alarm. You can take care of pets, monitor children, and pick up packages with it too. Keep reading to learn more.


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Keep an Extra Eye on the Kids

When there is a baby in the house, there is nothing more important than making sure the little boy or girl is taken care of. When they are that small, they need constant attention and a watchful eye to make sure nothing goes wrong. We have small cameras that are most appropriate for capturing your little one 24-7. You will be able to check in on him or her at any time through your mobile device or computer. The video is in color and crystal clear so you can see even the smallest movements. Of course, we have audio tied to it as well so you can hear if the baby is crying. Our cameras are also wonderful for keeping an eye on the nanny too so you can observe how they handle your kids.


Monitor Pets While You’re Away

We know you love and care for your dogs, cats, or other animals like family members, so we offer special surveillance for them too. We can install cameras on the porch, in the backyard, or any place your pets reside. Just like your kids, you can check up on them at any time during the day or night and see real-time footage. If you see the dog has escaped or the cat has gotten into something bad, you can immediately take action. We can even set up alerts for you so that if your pet goes into an off-limits area you will get a text message or email. These sensors are helpful for when strangers step onto your property or your dog gets loose.


Screen Guests

Another great way to use cameras is to hook them up to an intercom system. Place a surveillance camera at the front door, and then when someone knocks on the door or rings the bell, you can see who it is out front and even speak to them through an intercom. You don’t even have to be at home! Say for example, a UPS woman stops by to drop off a package. You get an alert sent to your smartphone at work and talk to her through the intercom to let her know she can leave the package at the front door.

If you would like to enjoy any of these benefits, contacts us online!




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