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4 Reasons Homeowners Shouldn’t Overlook Motorized Shades

on Wednesday, 21 August 2019. Posted in Motorized Shades, Bentonville, AR, Motorized Shades

Upgrading Your Home? Here’s Why You Should Prioritize Motorized Window Treatments.

4 Reasons Homeowners Shouldn’t Overlook Motorized Shades

It’s unfortunate but true: Sometimes motorized shades seem like an afterthought, even for integrated homes. Homeowners often choose to upgrade other smart home functions, like whole-home AV, security, media room and more before they consider replacing their manual shades with some automated varieties.

When you consider the possibilities inherent in one technology, however, you won’t want to miss motorized shades for your Bentonville, AR, home. They’re simultaneously some of the most design-focused and pragmatic equipment available for homes today. 

How? Few upgrades can impact your home’s aesthetic, protect your possessions and save energy like motorized shades do -- all while enhancing the function of your other integrated technology. Keep reading to better understand what we mean and why you’re missing out without them.

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They Help You Reach Your Lighting Goals

Lighting creates much of a room’s mood, and shades prove an integral part of your overall lighting scheme. With nearly countless fabrics to choose from, Lutron has something for each room’s unique need. Whether you want some translucent window treatments to diffuse all the light entering your kitchen, or a complete light-blocking technology for your home theater, Lutron has multiple opacities to suit every space.


They Save Energy All Year Round

Motorized shades keep reinforcing their value since they serve your needs all year. During the summer, you’ll benefit from the reduced cost savings caused by their heat-blocking capabilities. Cellular shades capture the majority of the light from entering your home before it has a chance to convert to heat and overwork your HVAC system. In chilling winter months, they prevent drafts from entering your home.

Motorized shades’ automated functions also help your home by aligning with your other smart home technology. For example, Lutron’s Sivoia Wireless QS cellular shades integrate seamlessly with the rest of Lutron’s wireless lighting control suite, including the whole-home HomeWorks QS or RadioRA 2 control systems. Lutron shades are also designed to sync with major smart home automation brands, including our partners, URC, Control4 and Savant.


They Keep Your Personal Items Safe From the Sun

Motorized shades not only help cool your home and save energy; they also keep the sun’s harmful rays away for another important reason: They keep everything inside your home protected from devastating sun bleaching, from your furniture to flooring to your clothing. The last thing you want is for a stray beam of UV light to ruin something you value. For maximum ease, we can integrate your shades with an “away” scene, so one tap guarantees that your shades drop whenever you leave.

In a broader sense, motorized shades also allow you to better enjoy your media room and home theater investments by dispelling that annoying glare that might appear on your TV screen, allowing you to focus on the entertainment.


Lutron Shades Blend Effortlessly with Other Home Technology

Lutron’s whisper-quiet technology and beautiful design integrate with other automation functions, including lights, safety equipment and even whole-home audio. How?

When you create whole-home automation scenes, multiple components work together for one effect. For example, activate a “bedtime” scene, and all your motorized window treatments will close in sync -- enhancing your privacy and safety-- while lighting dims and soft music plays.

Your shades will also meld into your home by design. Lutron’s 1,500 shading fabric options, not including their custom-printing and Customer’s Own Material (COM) option. Lutron even has control options down to an art: Choose between multiple control pad options, from traditional to modern, metal to glass and much more.

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