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4 Smart Tips for a Safer Holiday Season

on Thursday, 22 November 2018. Posted in Security and Surveillance Fayetteville, AR, Security and Surveillance

From Social Media to Smart Security and Surveillance

4 Smart Tips for a Safer Holiday Season

The holidays are here, and if you’re traveling for the season, you’re probably in the process of booking flights and finalizing all the details to get ready for an extended stay with friends and family.

As much as you’re looking forward to your plans this season, so to are the holiday grinches. Criminal activity spikes during the holidays as families go on vacation, leave packages on their porches, and post their plans on social media.

In this blog, we’ll provide you with four safety tips that will help you outsmart the bad guys this year. From best practices on social media to upgrading to a smart security and surveillance system for your home in the Fayetteville, AR area, these tips are a great starting point to help ensure a fun and criminal-free holiday. Just keep reading to learn more.

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  1. Guard Your Online Presence

It’s always fun to share updates about your upcoming holiday plans on social media, but that’s a sure-fire way to tell criminals when your home will most likely be unattended. Also, posting about the gifts you’ve received is a perfect way to show thieves what they can find by breaking into your house. This year, we suggest you take a break from social media or be more mindful of what you make public. Simple acts like checking in to a location or RSVPing to an e-invite for an out-of-town party make your home more vulnerable.

  1. Stage an Occupied Home

Make your home look occupied, Home Alone style! This is an easy task to do with smart home automation. Control your indoor and outdoor lights from anywhere in the world with your smartphone. Set up occupancy sensors around your property to turn lights on when motion is detected. You can even set scenes to mimic your family’s daily routines so that it looks like you’re all still home. A house that looks occupied will deter any thieves from coming close, and you can rest happy no matter where you are.

  1. Protect Your Packages

Don’t let packages sit on your porch while you’re away. Not only is it easy for someone to snatch them, but lingering packages show that no one is home. Instead, schedule packages to a safe place where you can pick them up at your convenience—whether that’s an Amazon Locker, your office, or a friend’s house. Many shipping providers also allow you to postpone delivery until you know someone will be home.

  1. Upgrade to a Smart Security System

With a smart security and surveillance system, you can monitor every inch of your home in real time while you’re away for the holidays. Check in on your home’s status directly from your smartphone and schedule alerts to notify you if any unusual activity is detected. Remotely zoom in, pan, or tilt your cameras from your phone to check on every cranny inside or outside your home, and even integrate your lighting control with your security system to work in tandem when intruders walk onto your property.

It only takes a few proactive steps to mitigate criminal activity in and around your Fayetteville home. Have a happier holiday season this year knowing your home is safe while you’re away! If you need help getting started with a smart home or security system, let us be your guide. Just contact us here or send us a chat below to start talking with a local smart security installer today.





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