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Break Free from the Typical Workday with a Huddle Room

on Tuesday, 14 August 2018. Posted in Huddle Rooms Fort Smith, AK, Huddle Rooms

Small Collaborative Spaces Can Generate Big Ideas

Break Free from the Typical Workday with a Huddle Room

The workplace is changing. Whether you live in Fort Smith or anywhere else in Arkansas, it’s impossible not to feel the shift.

Gone are the days of isolating cubicles, ugly fluorescent lights, and dull, inconvenient meetings. Today, offices sport open layouts, smart LED lighting, and fluid environments that emphasize collaboration.

One of the best ways to enhance your office’s productivity is through huddle rooms, little breakaway spaces that allow your staff to collaborate in small groups. They’re proven resources that generate powerful ideas.

Why should your office start using huddle rooms? This blog will show you some great reasons. Just keep reading for more.                              


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Active Learning

Some of the best examples of huddle room success can be seen in the classroom. Specifically, Bryant College in Rhode Island, where professors have started using the new collaboration method to impressive results. According to University Business:

“At many colleges, professors incorporate these spaces into teaching by assigning student teams to huddle during class time. While students often work on group projects in their classrooms at mobile clusters of desks, some professors prefer the quiet and privacy that these rooms offer students.”

The article goes on to say how the huddle rooms help students remain focused, receive real-time feedback, and engage in active learning – all of which translate to the corporate landscape.

When students or employees work in small groups in close proximity, they tend to become more engaged with the subject. Idea generation becomes a fluid process, to which everyone can contribute.


Creating a Huddle Room

In a professional workspace, your staff will need to have the resources on hand to complete their assigned tasks as quickly as possible. By adding the appropriate technology to the space, you can enhance the experience and help create a stronger working environment.

Internet access is an essential part of completing work in any modern industry. But in a small huddle room, setting up individual computers for each user can quickly crowd the area. And having your staff members use their own devices can defeat the spirit of collaboration.

Instead, a wall mounted flat-panel or video display can put all eyes on a single screen. Users can call up the information they want and share with the group. Interactivity is a must, and your staff can use remotes, voice control, and touch-screen technology to share and build on their ideas.


There’s plenty more to learn about defining huddle rooms in your office. If you’re ready to get started, click here.





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