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Did You Know Your Home Automation System Could Do This?

on Tuesday, 19 June 2018. Posted in Home Automation Fort Smith, AR, Home Automation

Some Cool Ways to Have Fun with Smart Technology

Did You Know Your Home Automation System Could Do This?

By now, you probably know that home automation is a cool addition to your property. You may even have some great ideas on how to use it in your everyday life.

But integrated technology can affect every aspect of your lifestyle, and not always in the ways you expect.

In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the cool, fun, and nifty ways you may not have realized smart automation can improve your residence in Fort Smith and the surrounding areas. Find out more here.


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Did You Know: You Can Change the Color of Your LED Lights!

LED are among the smartest technologies you can add to your property.

By replacing your incandescent and fluorescent fixtures with long-lasting LED, you can reduce your environmental impact and enjoy bright, clear light.

But did you know you can also change the color of your LED lights with the touch of a button? From deep blue to fire red, LED bulbs are capable of thousands of gradients of color.

Not every system allows you to adjust the hue of your bulbs, but you can ask your integrator about the ones that work. It’s a fun way to add a splash of color to your home.


Did You Know: You Can Connect Satellite Houses with the Same System!

Smart home control is fun, but sometimes you want to add control to other areas on your property. Whether you want to connect a pool house or the room above the garage, it’s possible.

Many homeowners believe that you’d need to install a whole new system – with separate controls – to enjoy the convenience of automation.

But, in truth, you can connect the satellite space through hardwiring or wireless methods. That means one touch will affect all the tech on your property, from the bedroom to the man cave.


Did You Know: Your Surveillance System Can Recognize Faces!

Artificial intelligence has grown over the years. In some ways, it’s already a part of your everyday life. Your smart phone or connected Amazon Alexa utilize some form of AI. But today, the technology is being used to assist retail companies and law enforcement predict behavior.

And it can help you, too.

In surveillance systems upgraded with the tech, your camera can recognize the face of anyone you’ve authorized to come to your house. That’s family members, cleaners, gardeners, and even your mail carrier.

But it can also alert you to potential threats, whether from a stranger who’s gotten too close to your door, or when someone displays behavior that may lead to a break in.


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