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Keep Your Property Safe with Lighting Control

on Thursday, 08 February 2018. Posted in Lighting Control Bentonville, AR, Lighting Control

Home Lighting Automation Provides Top-Notch Security

Keep Your Property Safe with Lighting Control

When you first think of lighting control, you might think of its convenience and luxurious benefits. Or perhaps that it’s a great solution for energy-saving.

The great news? It is both of those, and so much more.

Not only can a lighting control system bring comfort to your Bentonville, AR property, it can also provide safety and security.

Interested in upping the protection of your home? Keep on reading below to see how this smart technology can help keep your place safe. 


Keep Unwanted Guests Away

Think about it: Every morning when you wake up and go about your day through your home, you’re constantly turning on and off lights.

As the day goes on, you continually change the lighting and shading to your preferences. These are all signs that someone is home, and these activities usually are a warning for burglars to stay away.

So when you’re gone for an extended period of time, these features stay stationary and still.  Unfortunately, this is like a blaring signal to thieves that no one is home. But you obviously have to leave your house at times – so what can you do?

This is where your lighting automation comes into play. Using the system, you can mimic the signs of occupancy that’ll keep robbers away – even when you’re nowhere close by.

How Does the System Help?

The best part – it’s all very simple. When you’re getting ready to go out of town for a while, just set your system to “vacation” mode. Once you’ve left, your system will use timers and sensors to imitate your daily routine concerning your lights and shades.

It’ll raise your shades in the morning, turn off a light in one room, and then wait a moment to turn on a light in another area.

At night, it’ll turn on your landscape lighting and lower all your shades, presenting a seemingly occupied home to the neighborhood.

Now, if burglars are stopping by to check your place out, movement within the house will scare them away, and they’ll move on.

Keeping your home protected and safe from any damage or theft is all as easy as pressing a button!

Security is only one amazing advantage to investing in a home lighting control system. Want to learn about the rest?

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!




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