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The Basics of Home Automation

on Wednesday, 31 May 2017. Posted in Home Automation Rogers, AR, Home Automation

Learn all about the benefits of adding technology to your home.

The Basics of Home Automation

According to CNBC, 80 million smart devices were delivered to American homes in 2016, with smart thermostats, smart smoke detectors and Amazon’s Echo at the top of the list. The findings show a 64 percent increase from the previous year, concluding that home automation is on the rise. However, with so many smart devices, appliances and systems on the market, many homeowners are confused about what a smart home actually is and how it works. Our goal in this blog is to educate families in the Rogers, AR area what the best home automation systems are and how home technology can benefit their lives.  Keep reading to learn more.

What is a smart home?

Ideas and Illustrations of the smart home have been around since the 50s. We’ve seen automation in popular shows and movies like Star Trek, The Jetsons, and Back to the Future. While only some of those ideas have come to life, the general concept is now a reality—your home can operate on its own and even talk to you. Simply installing a smart thermostat in your property doesn’t make it a smart home. It has to have a sophisticated system that can automatically control the lights, shades, security system, audio, video, and any other electronic feature of the house. For example, you will be able to press a button that says “Welcome home” or just say it, and the door will unlock, the lights will turn on, and your favorite song will play. Each sequence has a specific purpose from keeping your home protected to preparing your family for a Friday night movie. And the most well-known feature—controlling your home with your phone, anytime, from any location.

What are the benefits?

The top reason families add automation to their homes is security—it’s often the gateway to full smart home automation. Being able to monitor your home from far away is a great way to keep tabs on all your valuables and loved ones. A second common reason people decide to add technology to their homes is convenience. Instead of going from one device to the next to turn it on or off, you can do it all at once. Imagine walking into a room and watching all the lights turn on, or coming home from work and the TV is already tuned to the big football game. Not only does smart home automation simplify your life in the sense that you reduce the amount of time managing your electronics, but it also simplifies your spaces by reducing AV clutter. Our smart home systems can actually reduce the amount of equipment you own by getting rid of the need for multiple remote controls and also saving space by installing speakers and TVs in the walls. Lastly, smart homes are energy efficient; they manage your lights, shades, and thermostat to save electricity and reduce your utility bills throughout the year. If you leave a light on, your smart home will turn it off for you. You won’t even have to remember to change the thermostat when you leave the house because it will happen automatically, every day at the same time will simultaneously closing the shades to keep your home cool.

There are even more benefits of having a smart home that we would love to share with you. To learn more, contact us online. We’ll set up a meeting with you to go over all of your goals and needs.




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