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Why Lutron Shades Are the Perfect Addition to Your Home

on Friday, 28 September 2018. Posted in Lutron Shades Rogers, AR, Lutron Shades

‘Tis the Season for Smart Shading

Why Lutron Shades Are the Perfect Addition to Your Home

Think the holiday season is still a few months away? We may have just said goodbye to summer, but before you know it you’ll be bursting with holiday cheer.

Smart home automation is a great way to get the most out of the colder months. And there’s one technology in particular that can keep you warm, enhance your privacy, and help you save money to spend on gifts for friends and family: Lutron shades.

Want to find out how your property can benefit from integrated shade control by one of the leaders in the industry? Just keep reading.


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Staying Warm

Smart shading is the perfect way to regulate temperature throughout the year, and in the cooler months it can help keep your rooms warm without too much reliance on the thermostat.

When the air in the room is warmer than the air outside, the heat will try to escape from the room to even out the temperature. This happens all over your home and especially around windows. Windows typically are made from relatively thin glass, so it makes it easy for heat to escape.

When you install heavy curtains or shades, a small pocket of warm air forms between the pane and the fabric. This pocket helps prevent heat from escaping which means your rooms stay cozier for longer.

The best part? Lutron smart shading can integrate with sensors, so you don’t have to constantly adjust the system to keep your spaces comfortable.

Once the temperature drops below a certain point, your system springs into action automatically closing the curtains to maintain temperature regulation.


Enhancing Privacy

The winter may be cold, but there’s another aspect of the season you should watch out for. With all your friends and family stopping by for the holidays, you can expect a lot more foot traffic and valuable items to pass through your doorway.

That means an even greater need for privacy. After all, you don’t want prying eyes to see what’s been left under your tree this year.

Lutron shading provides enhanced privacy options that still let you enjoy a bit of natural sunlight. Smart sunshades are translucent components that protect from harmful UV rays and potential outside threats while still letting a little light shine through.

When you integrate double rollers – one containing sunshades, the other heavier curtains – you can have total protection throughout the entire season.


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