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Add Hassle-Free Content Sharing to Your Conference Room With ClickShare!

on Monday, 20 January 2020. Posted in Conference Room Design, Fort Smith, AR, Conference Room Design

Curious to Learn Some of Its Most Useful Applications for Your Arkansas Business? Read On!

Add Hassle-Free Content Sharing to Your Conference Room With ClickShare!

How many people who join your meetings sit there and listen in silence, without participating? Though managers are often seen as “ideas people,” they don’t want to be the only ones visualizing and sharing at their Fort Smith companies. But all too often, attendees don’t feel comfortable enough to participate, and one reason is that they don’t know how to use the technology well enough to share content with ease.

How can you reverse this pattern? Just add one technology to your conference room design, and motivate everyone to chime in and share ideas by adding a content sharing system like one of our favorites, ClickShare. We’ll discuss some of its capabilities today and outline how to deliver insights more efficiently, so stay tuned.

3 Signs Your Boardroom AV Is Stuck in the Past

on Monday, 23 December 2019. Posted in Boardroom AV, Fort Smith, AR, Boardroom AV

We’ll Show You How to Welcome Your Arkansas Business to the Next Decade!

3 Signs Your Boardroom AV Is Stuck in the Past

Imagine you invited a prospect to your Fort Smith office - the one that you’ve been trying to capture for years. You’ve prepared your presentation and brought in the best catering; overall, the conversation went well. But the more you replay the event, you realize that they cracked a joke about your old AV equipment, and then you suddenly remember that uncomfortable network lag mid-videoconference.

Conference room blunders can cost you money. In a business setting, too many communication breakdowns, AV issues or scheduling problems don’t just damage your reputation: They could also cause you to lose out on business partnerships.

Expert integrators like AV Design Consultants can usually walk into a conference room and point out the problematic or outdated setups right away. Unfortunately, so can some of your key contacts and clients. How can you mitigate this issue? We’ll walk through three telltale signs your conference room could use some updates and how we’d fix them.




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