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Lutron Lighting Automation: The Modern Way to Light Your Home

on Tuesday, 22 September 2020. Posted in Lighting Automation, Lighting Automation, Springdale, AR

How Smart Lighting Elevates the Ambiance of Your Rooms

Lutron Lighting Automation: The Modern Way to Light Your Home

How many times a day do you flip the switch and adjust the dimmer of your lights? You do it instinctually without knowing there’s a better option. At the same time, your current lighting scheme may be functional, but it’s not room-enhancing. You deserve better: lights that think for themselves and elevate the ambiance of your home in Springdale, AR.

Lutron helps you achieve the perfect look in every room with lighting automation. Their sophisticated and smart lighting systems have automated controls, so you can set scenes to achieve the perfect brightness and hue in different areas of your home. Read more to learn how smart lighting helps you see your home in a new light.  

How Motorizing Shading Control Makes Your Daily Routine Easier

on Monday, 13 July 2020. Posted in Shading Control Bentonville AR, Shading Control

Top Ways Automated Shades from Lutron Enhance Your Everyday Life

How Motorizing Shading Control Makes Your Daily Routine Easier

Motorized shades often get the short end of the stick when it comes to new and exciting smart automation update to your Bentonville, AR home. But smart shading control from Lutron is one of the most innovative solutions you can bring to your lifestyle!

So what makes automated shading so much better than standard shading? How can “smart shades” really make a difference in your home? In this blog, we’ll show you how this technology can make an impact on your daily tasks and activities that you might not have realized. Want to find out more? Keep reading on below.

A Look at 2 Lutron Motorized Shades Options

on Monday, 10 February 2020. Posted in Motorized Shades; Fort Smith, AR, Motorized Shades

Learn More About Lutron Serena and Triathlon Window Treatments!

A Look at 2 Lutron Motorized Shades Options

If you’ve kept up with our blog for long, you know AV Design Consultants loves showing customers that motorized shades do more than most people give them credit for. Most people know that they raise and lower and sometimes block sunlight, but it might surprise them to learn that they can save clients substantially in energy bills, top off a room’s design, eliminate glare from screens and more.

While we’ve described their benefits at length, maybe you’ve moved past that stage. You’ve seen how Lutron works in stores or through our video tutorials and know that it’s the right solution for your Fort Smith, AR home’s lighting and shading needs. If this describes you, we venture to guess that you want to explore more details about popular offerings and assess their pros and cons. Today, we’ll discuss two popular Lutron shading options - Serena and Triathlon. Curious? Let’s dive in.

4 Reasons Homeowners Shouldn’t Overlook Motorized Shades

on Wednesday, 21 August 2019. Posted in Motorized Shades, Bentonville, AR, Motorized Shades

Upgrading Your Home? Here’s Why You Should Prioritize Motorized Window Treatments.

4 Reasons Homeowners Shouldn’t Overlook Motorized Shades

It’s unfortunate but true: Sometimes motorized shades seem like an afterthought, even for integrated homes. Homeowners often choose to upgrade other smart home functions, like whole-home AV, security, media room and more before they consider replacing their manual shades with some automated varieties.

When you consider the possibilities inherent in one technology, however, you won’t want to miss motorized shades for your Bentonville, AR, home. They’re simultaneously some of the most design-focused and pragmatic equipment available for homes today. 

How? Few upgrades can impact your home’s aesthetic, protect your possessions and save energy like motorized shades do -- all while enhancing the function of your other integrated technology. Keep reading to better understand what we mean and why you’re missing out without them.




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