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Security Systems


Camera Security Systems have drastically changed in the past several years. Traditional analog video is being replaced by IP based cameras and video solutions. The benefits of networked video security systems include off site video storage, instant notifications of events/alarms, remote viewing, live monitoring, and smart phone control. AV Design Consultants have been designing and providing award winning installation of security camera systems in Arkansas for over 7 years. The most popular applications for video surveillance in businesses have typically been property protection and staff monitoring. Now new technology has entered the mix allowing for more advanced functionality from your video security camera system.

Megapixel cameras offer a level of forensic detail not possible just a few years ago. License Plate Recognition is now affordable and reliable enough to be deployed at any commercial property requiring vehicle identification. Regardless of the surrounding weather conditions, thermal cameras deliver advanced perimeter protection and foolproof imagery.

Security cameras are now regularly tied into access control systems to allow for video verification of persons entering or leaving the premises. Remote viewing and playback as well as other advanced feature set for surveillance systems can be controlled by a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices. Let the team at AV Design Consultants show you how to take advantage of this new technology in a way that will most benefit your business.


Fire alarm and Security Systems are installed so occupants are notified that an emergency is taking place in their building. These stand-alone systems are only concerned with notifying the occupants inside the building. Monitoring allows those systems to communicate and transmit building alarm signals offsite to the appropriate authorities. What most building owners do not know is that the fire prevention code mandates building sprinkler systems to be supervised by the building alarm system, and that alarm system is required to be monitored. When the fire alarm/security system detects an fire, break-in, or press of a panic button, it immediately sends a signal to the off-site central station. Within seconds, this information along with information about you and your business is available on computer displays that are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our operators. These highly trained professionals will notify the police, fire department, or ambulance of the alarm at your address. A building that utilizes monitoring has the advantage of detecting emergency situations in that crucial early stage that could reduce potential property or life loss. Our security solutions include:
  • Intrusion detection: Instantly recognizes and sends notification of unauthorized access to a facility, no matter how that access is gained;
  • Motion detection: Offers maximum protection by detecting even the slightest movements inside or outside a protected facility;
  • Glass break detection: Detects and automatically notifies clients when window or door glass is broken;
  • Perimeter protection: Detects and deters intruders before they can gain unauthorized entry to a facility;
  • Multi-area arming: Enables a client to safeguard specific areas in a facility, multiple areas, or the complete facility.


AV Design Consultants works with the on-site facilities manager to provide a complete Testing and Inspection (T&I) of a building. Most often we find that stand alone systems get neglected and are not always tested monthly, bimonthly, or even annually. Fire alarms, cameras, access control, security, paging and intercoms, battery backups, and other devices must be tested on a regular basis. Many of these systems are mandated by state law to be tested. We make this process easy by being well versed in each system and holding the proper licensing. Our on-site technicians make this an easy process while keeping your building safe and compliant with state and local codes. Through the use of online reporting we are able to provide our clients with an outline of their entire facility keeping it simple and easy to understand Through preventative maintenance our T&I services keep buildings safe and save cost by addressing issues prior to an alarm event.



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