Whole Home Audio
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Whole Home Audio

Housewide Audio/Video

A House-Wide Audio System is the easiest way to enjoy music throughout your home. Designed for simplicity, it’s more convenient to use than any stereo system you’ve ever owned. Think about coming home, pressing a button and music fills the air. What will it be? Classical for relaxation after a stressful day; Rock to get the blood flowing for a workout; or how about a little Pandora or Spotify while cooking dinner? With our system, you’re always close to music. Football on the TV in the Great Room, HGTV in the Master Suite, MSNBC in the Office, and the latest blockbuster in the Media Room; all at the same time. A House-Wide Video System from AV Design Consultants lets you watch any of your video sources in any room of your home, at your leisure. With Blu-ray, cable and satellite set-top boxes, and streaming devices like Apple TV, a home can be filled with source components. With a properly designed and installed House-Wide Video System, you could enjoy all of these sources without having to see them, and be able to route any source to any room on demand.

Simplified Living

Rain in the forecast? Irrigation schedule adapts...

Forget to turn off the game room lights? Do it from your phone...

Kids having a party? Check your cameras while at dinner...

Having a Simplified Living system with the know how to make your life easier.

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Your home is just that - yours. It should allow you to live the way you want to. A Simplified Living system from AV Design Consultants, makes even the most mundane of tasks enjoyable. Take waking up for example -

With a Simplified Living system, at 6AM your curtains slowly open to let the morning sun in, the lights in your bathroom fade up as you get out of bed, the local news comes thru the in-ceiling speakers as you enter the shower. At 8AM the kitchen speakers and TV turn on to Bloomberg TV so that as you pour your coffee you are kept up to speed on the market. As you grab your coat and head out the door, one press of the keypad by the door lets your house know that you are leaving. Everything in your home turns off and awaits your return.

How do you wake up?


Security & Safety

At AV Design Consultants, we make it easy to monitor and control the safety and security of your home to ensure that loved ones and personal property are always protected.

Our integrated systems offer ultimate peace of mind and endless safety options.

At home or away - press one button to activate motion sensors and security cameras, turn on exterior night lights, close every blind, and automatically lock all the doors.

When you pull into your driveway, your Simplified Living system can automatically illuminate the path to your front door, turn on key interior lights, and deactivate your security system.

No more fumbling around in the dark – as you move about the house, your home turns lights on and off for you, an especially useful feature if your hands are occupied with packages.

Receive notifications (emails, texts, etc.) when the kids arrive home from school; if anyone enters or exits the home; if a medicine chest or liquor cabinet has been unlocked; or if a garage door has been left open.

You can even set preferences to limit your children’s access to house-wide audio, video and security systems.

On Vacation? Activate home automation security from anywhere in the world to get a complete visual check of your home, inside and out, by viewing security cameras from your mobile device.



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