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3 Benefits of a Professional Lighting Control System

on Thursday, 21 September 2017. Posted in Lighting Control Fayetteville, AR, Lighting Control

How to Add Integrated Lighting to Your Arkansas Home

3 Benefits of a Professional Lighting Control System

Lighting control is one of the most important aspects of your home. Proper wiring, installation and maintenance is crucial. Why not use the most up-to-date technology? Wireless controls give you the convenience of managing your lights while dimmers help you save energy throughout the year. All it takes is consulting with a professional team like us in Fayetteville, AR. Keep reading this blog to learn more about it.

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1. Brighter, more even lighting distribution.

Working with a professional ensures your lighting will be installed correctly so that your home is bright and easy to manage. Our lighting team can integrate every type of fixture into your smart home so that every corner is well lit. If you have a whole house audio system with in-ceiling speakers, we can even match the size and shape of the speakers with the recessed lights in the ceiling so they look even and organized. 

2. Easy-to-use, wireless controls.

By partnering with Audio Video Design Consultants, you can choose which type of control you want to use. Do you like holding a remote, pressing buttons on the wall, or using your phone? We can add one of these types of controls or all of them in your home. A wall keypad has each button clearly labeled so you never wonder which button does what. You can press “all on”, “all off” or even pick a sequence you regularly use like “goodnight” leaving only a few kitchen lights on in case you need a glass of water in the middle of the night. A wireless remote gives you quick and convenient access, and an app on your phone makes the controls mobile. You can turn lights on and off while you’re at work, on vacation, or just in a different room. 

3. Save energy and time.

Besides the convenience of being able to manage your lights wirelessly and getting bright, even coverage throughout your house, you’ll also get to save energy and money on your electricity bills. Installing dimmers alone can save you up to 30 percent on lighting costs according to the lighting manufacturer Lutron. You can coordinate your lights with your motorized shades and smart thermostat to maximize the benefits. When the sun is high, your lights will dim to 50 percent and your solar shades will come down to keep the house cool and take pressure off the air conditioning system. In the wintertime, you can keep the shades open to let the light in and warm the house at the same time. 

To enjoy all of these benefits and more, contact us online and schedule a meeting with our lighting team!

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