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3 Smart Options for an Outdoor Video Display

on Wednesday, 25 July 2018. Posted in Outdoor Entertainment Fayetteville, AR, Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor Entertainment Is Essential for Summer Fun

3 Smart Options for an Outdoor Video Display

Movies under the stars pack a whole lot of meaning. Whether it’s a romantic comedy shared by you and your spouse, or a hilarious comedy with the kids, there’s something special about spending a late summer night in the backyard in Fayetteville or throughout Northwester Arkansas.

But while it’s a quaint idea to throw a bedsheet over the clothesline and barely make out what’s happening on screen, there’s a better way to watch your movies outside.

Three, in fact.

In this blog, we’ll show you three ways to get optimal viewing displays as part of your outdoor entertainment system. Want to learn more? Just keep reading.


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Traditional Setup

Many homeowners don’t feel like they’re getting the home theater experience without a traditional front projector setup.

In this arrangement, the projector sits behind the viewer and fires forward. The screen reflects light back at the viewer, giving you an image.

As you can imagine, this setup is based on the brightness of your projector. Any light that gets in between the projector and the screen will cause a washed-out looking picture.

To combat this, you’ll need an ultrabright projector that can fire at higher lumens.

Or you can install a high-contrast screen, which will reject any light not directly aimed at it.


Rear-Projector Setup

Unlike a front projector, a rear projector sits behind a specialized screen and filters light through. That results in a brighter, sharper image.

Rear projectors are a popular choice for outdoor theaters, because your backyard and pool area have more available space than a basement. Plus, the brighter image is perfect to combat ambient lighting.

Lastly, because the viewer doesn’t sit between the projector and screen, you don’t have to worry about disrupting the picture when you get up for a drink.


Outdoor Television

For many homeowners, an outdoor television mounted on the deck or by the pool is the perfect way to spend the season.

Modern outdoor TVs are comparable to the latest Sony and LG models in terms of performance. You can expect 4K resolution, HDR, and an ultra-bright display.

Plus, outdoor TVs aren’t limited in size – you can explore models up to 80 inches, which makes it easy to see everything.

The primary advantage of outdoor TVs is that they are extremely durable and waterproof. That prevents environmental damage, leaving them functional for years.


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