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Choose the Best Speakers for Your Whole House Audio System

on Monday, 15 January 2018. Posted in Whole House Audio Bentonville, AR, Whole House Audio

Enhance the Sound Quality in Every Space of Your Home

Choose the Best Speakers for Your Whole House Audio System

Imagine taking your favorite tunes with you to every corner of your Bentonville, AR house.  With a whole house audio system, this dream is very much an achievable reality.

Control over your media will be from one centralized source, making it easy to manage your music from anywhere in your home.

You want clear, high-end audio playing anytime you turn it up – but what type of speaker will you choose?

There different speakers for different needs, and we go through each.  Read on to see which one is the best fit for you and your space!


In-Ceiling Speakers

Do you like hosting large parties and events, where turning on a snappy playlist can get the festivities rolling?  In-ceiling speakers might be the best bet for you then.

These hidden speakers blend in seamlessly with your décor, so that you can put in many of them to get an evenly distributed surround sound.

Most of these use a wide-dispersion technology as well, meaning the sound waves don’t just go out in one general direction.  So if a guest is standing directly under one, they won’t know the difference.

With their location, these speakers are great for surround sound and immersive audio, giving every guest, friend, or family member a great listening experience every time.

In-Wall Speakers

Like in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers are hidden, blend well with your interior design, and are great for a surround sound system.

They are nicely paired with in-ceiling speakers, as you can place three in-wall ones in front of a viewer and two on the side to create a 5.1 surround sound layout.

If you’d like to create a more immersive, powerful auditory experience, placing in-wall speakers in a game or media room can up the intensity more than just in-ceiling fixtures would.

Cabinet Speakers

Want less hidden speakers, and more visible, traditional ones?  If you already have cabinets in place, you can see if they would fit a speaker inside them nicely.

Cabinet speakers can be stylish and beautiful, even adding to your room’s theme or aesthetic.  They deliver high-quality audio, and can be set up in a similar surround sound fashion or simply spread out throughout a space.

Standing Speakers

If you have a dedicated listening room, you want the top-grade audio to hear every single time.  This means you’ll want the best loudspeakers available.

Since these will have a more traditional and theatrical look to them, you can craft the rest of the room’s design around them.

They can become the focal point of the space, and will deliver superb, unobstructed sound.  If you’re looking for the best of the best – without minding their visibility – standing speakers are the right ones for you.

Still want to learn more about the best speakers for your whole house audio system?  We can help.

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.  Our team would love to hear from you!




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