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Here are the 3 Fundamental Basics for Your Home Theater

on Wednesday, 08 November 2017. Posted in Home Theater Systems Rogers, AR, Home Theater Systems

Make Every Viewing Experience Remarkable with these Smart Tech Features

Here are the 3 Fundamental Basics for Your Home Theater

The perfect home theater starts right at its core elements. There are three main components that make any entertainment center shine and the place to be for the next big movie night.  We’ve gone through where to start with the necessities for your Rogers, AR home theater system, and how you can seamlessly incorporate them. Read on to see how these essential features will change the way you watch and listen to your media.


The first thing you notice in a commercial theater is how large the screen is, and how to get the best view of it.  To bring you and your family the best movie-watching experience possible, choosing a 4K Ultra High Definition TV is ideal.  The clear resolution allows you to get as close to the screen as you’d like, without seeing any pixels or distortion whatsoever.

If you’re more into the traditional theming of a cinema, swap out the 4K TV for a 4K projector and screen combo.  With a simple push of a button, you can lower your screen or tuck it away when not in use.  Every part of your system can be controlled from a remote, your smartphone, or tablet, making managing your films easier than ever.



There’s nothing quite as immersive as when your audio is top quality and high-end so that everyone can feel like they’re a part of the film or TV show up on the screen.  To create the proper auditory atmosphere, you’ll need amazing speakers – and plenty of them.  The best choice is to place them strategically around the theater room, including in both the front and the back.  Surround sound will up your viewing game, and completely envelope you in a movie’s world.  How you set this up and in which specific location, of course, all depends on your room’s sizing and layout.

If your theme requires the décor to mesh well with the theater equipment, hidden speakers are a great option.  Small bookshelf speakers, and ones hidden within the ceiling and walls, blend in with whatever design you are aiming for.  And if again, you’d prefer the traditional feel of a theater, standing speakers give a uniform look and are even better for clear, crisp audio. 


Your choice of seating brings a level of comfort to your theater like nothing else will.  So you want to pick the most luxurious and practical ones!   While there are endless pattern and style options, you’ll want to make sure you choose a fabric that absorbs sound or noise.  Too high of headrests can also obscure others’ views and mess with the room’s natural acoustics.  By placing your seating in the “sweet triangle,” between the front left and right speakers, you can ensure everyone will hear effortlessly.

Crafting the home theater system of your dreams can be a breeze. To learn more about our features and installations, give us a call at (479) 365-2201 or fill out our contact form online.




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