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Make Your Home Sound Better with a Whole House Audio System

on Wednesday, 31 May 2017. Posted in Whole House Audio Fayetteville, AR, Whole House Audio

The Top Reasons to Invest in Professional Audio

Make Your Home Sound Better with a Whole House Audio System

If you are a music-lover, then you may want to have some type of music on at all times in your Fayetteville, AR home. Whether you are doing chores around the house, working out in a home gym, or just relaxing on the couch, music is a great partner to every activity. So what is the best whole house audio system that can play songs from different sources and seamlessly fill the entire house with quality sound? Today’s most advanced audio systems are not as complicated as you think. Here are some top reasons why a professional solution is worth your attention. 

The Benefits of a Wired Music System

Reduce Clutter: By wiring speakers into your home, you can save space and reduce clutter. Wireless speakers are usually placed on a bookshelf or hung on the walls and take up valuable space in your home. However, wired-in speakers are installed inside the walls and the ceiling. You may still see the grill, but it will be flat to the wall and barely noticeable. That way you can fill your home with beautiful pieces of décor. Also keep in mind that your bookshelf, floor- standing, and on-wall speakers can also be wired into the whole home system too.

Even Distribution: A professional will put a lot of thought into how every speaker is placed in the room so that the sound fills the space evenly. Though wireless speakers do a good job of providing the volume you need to hear the music, only wired systems will distribute the sound evenly so that you hear the music at the right volume and level in every spot, whether you are in the center of the room or back in a corner.

Expand Your Music Library: Whole house audio systems give you the ability to switch from iTunes to Spotify and then the radio. It also comes with access to hundreds of music stations. Some of them are free, and some of them require a monthly fee, but the fact is you’ll have access to tons of music and will be able to easily stream it to any room in your home. 

Add Value to the Property: Wireless speakers are definitely mobile. You can unplug them from the wall and move them around. However, wired speakers are a more fixed feature in your home. If you invest in a whole house audio installation, it will increase the value of your home. Though, with sound this nice you probably won’t want to!

If you would like us to install a whole house audio system, please contact us online and we’ll schedule a meeting with you to get started.




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