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Summer Heat Sucking up Your Energy? Save with Automated Lighting

on Wednesday, 13 June 2018. Posted in Automated Lighting Fayetteville, AR, Automated Lighting

Smart Lighting Can Lower Your Energy Consumption

Summer Heat Sucking up Your Energy? Save with Automated Lighting

There’s no getting around it: the summers in Fayetteville and throughout Northwest Arkansas are getting hotter and hotter. That means a big impact on your HVAC system.

So how are you expected to keep your energy usage low? After all, less reliance on your thermostat could result in a few sweaty Sunday afternoons.

Instead, why not look for other areas to save – like automated lighting. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can get the most out of your system while saving.

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Add Dimmers

Dimmers are some of the best ways to save energy with your lighting control system. Instead of relying on a simple binary of on or off, you can choose a brightness percentage and only use the light you need.

When the sun’s out, natural light filtered through sun shades should be enough to see everything. The shades will minimize the impact of UV rays on your furniture and reduce solar heat gain.

To make up the difference, you can brighten the artificial lights slightly.

And when you integrate controls, you don’t even have to adjust them yourself. Sensors can prompt your system to automatically lower or raise the lights in any space depending on how much sun it’s getting.


Real Time Updates

Have you ever felt like you’ve left a light on when you leave the house? You don’t have to anymore, thanks to your smart lighting system.

You can easily check your smartphone or tablet for instant updates on the lights left on throughout your property. One touch will also shut everything down, even when you’re miles away.

Moreover, geo-fencing technology can track your global position, so you won’t have to remember to shut everything down. Once you cross a predetermined threshold, your connected lighting will automatically turn off.

It’s the perfect, hands-free way to lower energy consumption.


System Integration

As we’ve mentioned, you get even more out of your automated lighting system when you integrate it with other smart devices. Dimmers and geo-fences are just some of the ways your system can benefit.

For instance, you can integrate your lighting, shading and thermostat system for comprehensive energy savings.

When your integrated sensors detect too much heat in a room, the shades automatically lower and the thermostat adjusts to cool down the room. Your lights instantly brighten to make up for the lack of natural sunlight.

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