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Take Your Smart Security System to The Next Level

on Wednesday, 18 April 2018. Posted in Security and Surveillance Fort Smith, AR, Security and Surveillance

These Protective Smart Features Give You Peace of Mind

Take Your Smart Security System to The Next Level

Whether you’re gone for a few days or a week-long vacation, leaving your home unoccupied can seem daunting.  What exactly happens to your home while you’re away?

With a security and surveillance system, you never have to worry about your Fort Smith, AR property’s safety while you’re trying to enjoy a trip with family and friends.

In this blog, we dive into the top smart security and surveillance features you should consider, and how your home can benefit from them.

Keep on reading below to learn more about how you can maintain that needed peace of mind no matter where you are.



Have Ultimate Control

An empty home can seem like a prime target to robbers and thieves.  A smart security system can make sure they stay far away.

You can easily check in on your home’s status at all times of the day.  Control every component of your system simply by using your smartphone, tablet, or any type of smart device you’d like.

You can adjust surveillance camera angles, make sure doors are locked, and turn on all your alarms, with just one press of a button.

With your entire system connected, you’re able to manage every aspect of your system from one centralized source.  You can even pair your lighting control with your automated window treatments, and use both with your security system.

When you set your system to “away” mode, you can schedule your lights and shades to turn on and off through the day.  This will mimic your daily routine, and make your home appear occupied and scare away any intruders.


Receive Instant Notifications

You should be busy visiting with friends and enjoying your time off instead of worrying something is happening at your house.

Now you can know the second anything happens on your property – through instant notifications on your phone.

Whether there’s a fire or burglary, or if a door is opened, your security system will send an alert to your phone right away to make you aware.  You can also set your system to alert the proper authorities, in case of an emergency.


Watch Real-Time Footage

Surveillance cameras can sometimes get a bad rap for showing you something bad after it’s already happened – and it’s too late to do anything.

But with your smart security, you can watch your real-time footage captured by your cameras – right on your smart device!

Use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to check in on your live videos at any time.  Your instant notifications can tell you when movement has been detected or if your camera sees something suspicious.

Place your cameras up strategically all over your property so that you can see every angle and area around your home.  You can see your camera’s view at any time, look at all feeds at once, or save the videos to view later.

Pan, tilt, or zoom in using your smart device.  You have complete control over your home’s surveillance even when you’re far away!

Want to elevate your home’s security and surveillance?  Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.  We’d love to hear from you!




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