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Upgrade Your Home Theater System with Screen Innovations

on Saturday, 14 April 2018. Posted in Home Theater System Fayetteville, AR, Home Theater Systems

How the Right Screen Can Transform Your Viewing Experience

Upgrade Your Home Theater System with Screen Innovations

When it comes to watching your favorite films or TV shows in your dedicated home theater, there’s one major component that’s crucial to get right: your screen.

Every other part of your Fayetteville, AR home theater system can stay hidden or concealed, but your screen will always be the setup’s central focus.

That’s why we work with Screen Innovations to guarantee you get the perfect, high-quality screen for your own home cinema to make every movie night a hit!

Read on below as we go through the best solutions to installing your screen, and how you can elevate your theater space with no hassle at all.


Size Restrictions

Knowing your home theater room’s dimensions is necessary when it comes to bringing in your new screen.  You want enough space to fit the equipment you might still have out, and to give you and your guests more comfortability as you enjoy a film.

We make sure you get the exact size needed for your theater.  We position the screen at the right viewing height and measure the length of your room to determine how large the screen can be.

The larger your screen is, the further back your seating will need to be.  We can install seats with a variety of fabric and pattern options, and make sure they are at the right distance so watching your media is never headache-inducing.

Multi-Purpose Room

Let’s say you want your home theater to still double as a game room or a place to read and relax.  Afraid your new screen will wreck those design plans?  There’s no need to worry.

You can still have the quality screen you want without compromising your room’s versatility.  Retractable screens are perfect for this type of set-up.  They can roll up and completely disappear while you play a game of pool or recline in the seats.

You could even put a screen in that rolls down for movies and is concealed when you want to turn on the big game, to account for the different aspect ratios of sports and TV programs.

“Masking” for your screen can help with this as well.  Instead of leaving empty space around your screen when the ratio changes, it will create a natural-looking black frame around your media instead.  Now you can have just one screen for all your content.

The Right Lighting

To make sure no ambient lighting interrupts your movie-watching, installing a flat screen may be the ideal option.  But what if this doesn’t go with your room’s décor or layout?

That’s where a screen and projector combo comes into play.

There are gray or black screen options that Screen Innovations offers that are designed to deflect the indirect natural sunlight.  Brighter projectors also give quality images even in a well-lit space.

You can ensure you enjoy any media on your screen no matter the time of day or how bright the sun is shining.


Want to learn more about upgrading your home theater system with a game-changing screen?  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!




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