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3 Technologies to Have More Fun Outside This Summer

on Friday, 19 July 2019. Posted in Outdoor Entertainment; Springdale, AR, Outdoor Entertainment

Spice up your next backyard party or make it easier to relax with these devices for your Springdale, AR, home

3 Technologies to Have More Fun Outside This Summer

The summer heat is still going strong in Arkansas, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up inside with the air conditioning at full blast. There’s always your backyard or neighborhood pool, but that’s hardly the only way to have fun outside. There are several technologies for your yard to make your summer more exciting or help you relax, whatever your mood. Here are three ways Springdale, AR, residents can add new dimensions of outdoor entertainment to their home.

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An outdoor TV seems like a distraction when you’re spending time with your friends and family. That doesn’t have to be the case; a TV can enhance outdoor entertainment in several ways. With an outdoor home theater, you can watch your favorite blockbuster under the stars or cuddle up with your family while you binge on your show of choice. An outdoor TV also lets you stream video from anywhere in your home, making it easy to watch the big game while hanging out by the pool or grill.

A few pointers regarding setting up an outdoor TV: First and foremost, you can’t just plug one of your indoor TVs into an outdoor outlet. TVs made for indoor use aren’t made to withstand rain, humidity, dust and other factors that could damage or even break the display. This includes the outside temperature, since many electrical components don’t function properly in extreme heat. Furthermore, the intense glare from the sun means you’ll need a screen that’s significantly brighter than those found on indoor TVs.


Of course, an outdoor TV goes well with a set of quality outdoor speakers. We can install a system to deliver high-performance sound throughout your yard without taking up a lot of space on your patio or deck. We can mount speakers on your exterior walls, disguise them as rocks in your landscape, or place them among trees, plants and other foliage. What’s more, you can connect your outdoor speakers to your existing home audio system for seamless listening anywhere around your house.


Make your next backyard party brighter, more colorful and more fun with smart outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting control lets you put architectural features or other landscape elements in their best light. You can also use colored LEDs to add some panache to your yard by highlighting certain areas while keeping others in shadow. There are outdoor lighting options for every mood or occasion; go big and bold with spotlights, or take a more relaxed approach with strip lights, well lights and fixtures mounted to your walls.

Once everything is up and running, it’s easy to create different lighting scenes for different moods and events – including holidays – using colored LEDs. Start with an “Outdoor Party” scene or something similar that turns on the lights for your deck, patio or yard while turning off everything else. This keeps guests from wandering off once the sun sets.

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