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5 Oscar-Winning Films You Have to Watch in Your Home Theater

on Monday, 15 October 2018. Posted in Home Theater Bentonville, AR, Home Theater

These Films Will Bring New Life to Your Surround Sound System

5 Oscar-Winning Films You Have to Watch in Your Home Theater

At the mention of the Oscars, which award category do you think of first? Probably not Best Sound Editing, right? But after you watch (and listen to) these 5 Oscar-winning movies for Best Sound Editing in your Bentonville, AR home theater, you’ll remember why you invested in top-quality surround sound in the first place. Read on to see the movies that will make the best of your home theater surround sound system.


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  1. Dunkirk
    Set during World War 2, this 2017 action-packed film won Best Sound Editing for its extraordinary sound effects that took the audience from air to land and sea.
  2. Arrival
    This sci-fi masterpiece was the 2016 Best Sound Editing winner for its impressive creation of impeccable alien-like sounds that were used as the voices for the film’s heptapod creatures.
  3. Mad Max: Fury Road
    This post-apocalyptic shocker won Best Sound Editing in 2015 for using sounds from whales and bears to add a more animalistic quality to the film’s infamous War Rig truck.
  4. American Sniper
    Loosely based on true events, this war drama film won Best Sound Editing in 2014 for its ingenious ability to recreate the haunting sounds of a battlefield.
  5. Gravity
    Best Sound Editing in 2013 went to this sci-fi thriller for perfectly crafting a soundscape realistic to one an astronaut would be able to hear (and not hear) in space.


After reading about these sound-winning films, you’re probably ready to hear them for yourself in your home theater. But before you go grab your popcorn, make sure your sound system is correctly optimized for your home theater system so that you do these movies justice. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the best out of your surround sound.


Check the Acoustics in Your Home Theater Space

To achieve highest-quality sound in your home theater, you need to make sure your space is set up to minimize audio reflections and keep sounds from all frequencies equally balanced. Solutions for this include installing appropriate acoustical treatments and potentially adjusting the layout of your home theater to work with the specific shape and dimensions of your space.


Upgrade Your Surround Sound Equipment

Great acoustics can’t compensate for poor-quality speakers! Make sure your home theater is equipped with the best speakers for your space, whether that’s floor-standing speakers, a soundbar, bookshelf speakers, or satellite speakers.  Choosing the right speakers for your home theater can be a daunting proposition, but our audio experts can help you find the right surround sound setup for your space.

Need help making your home theater Oscar-movie worthy? Learn more about optimizing your home theater surround sound by chatting with us at the bottom-right of your screen or filling out our contact form.





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