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Does Your Home Security System Protect All Your Entryways?

on Saturday, 07 September 2019. Posted in Home Security System Fort Smith, AR, Home Security System

Don’t Overlook These Frequently Used Access Points!

Does Your Home Security System Protect All Your Entryways?

Your doorways serve as the gatekeepers of your home. While we’re sure the first entry you think of when you consider bolstering your home security system is your front door, a well-protected home requires a little reinforcement of other entries, and that includes garage doors and gates. At AV Design Consultants, we believe every detail counts when considering your Fort Smith, Arkansas home’s safety, so let’s talk about a couple of areas that deserve a second look. 

We’ll show you how we design entryways that enforce safety to keep criminals out and provide additional access to help loved ones come in. Ready to learn how remote access and smart locks work together to give you a safe, convenient home? Keep reading.

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Guard Your Garage Doors!

Did you know that the place where homeowners keep valuables like tools, storage and cars is also the second-most common entry-point for thieves? Though we know it’s an unpleasant thought, once a criminal has made it into your garage, it won’t be hard for them to enter the next door and barge into your home. Take special precautions to guard this area by adding security cameras and smart locks near both entrances. We also recommend implementing sensors that will notify you instantly if anyone wanders around your garage during suspicious times.

That unassuming garage door is one of the hardest areas to secure, for several reasons. For starters, most surveillance systems don’t include the garage area. Also, many people forget to close their exterior-facing garage door, and those standard, battery-operated remotes rarely work unless you’re within a close distance, but our remote access systems can monitor and operate garage doors from anywhere in seconds.

Try Smart Locks

Though the idea of security is to wall your home off from harm, you also need to consider the trustworthy people that you want to allow inside. When distant relatives arrive, you don’t want them to wait outside when you’re caught out buying last-minute groceries. Or maybe you have a regular housekeeper or nanny who comes and goes during predictable times. With smart locks, you can allow authorized people to arrive without an unwelcoming alarm. Let them in from anywhere by granting access remotely through your smartphone.

This technology also comes in handy for gates. Maybe someone pulls up to your driveway, but your front gate’s locked. As their car approaches, you’ll get a notification and can even video chat with them to confirm who’s there. From your smartphone, simply press a couple of buttons to navigate to the gate, and press “unlock” for welcome visitors.

Access Everywhere

A well-secured home has a robust home security system comprised of a whole suite of security tools -- such as alarms, sensors, surveillance cameras and much more. However, how much good would all the right products do for you if you can’t enjoy the unparalleled peace of mind that comes from remote access?

When integrated with your smart locks, remote access leaves room for human error and busy schedules. For example, you’ll get a notification that you left your garage door or gate open in your frantic rush to get to work, and seconds later, you can resolve the situation instead of worrying needlessly.

Contact Us Today!

Ready to reinforce your doorways and add an extra layer of control to your home security system? We at AV Design Consultants would love to set you up with smart locks and remote access, even for those lesser-known areas like garage doors or gated entryways. 

Call us today at (479) 365-2201, go to our online contact page or enter a message in the chat-box at the bottom of your browser. We look forward to hearing from you!





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