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Home Automation Customized to Make Life Easier

on Friday, 06 October 2017. Posted in Home Automation Bentonville, AR, Home Automation

Your Smart Home Ensures You Won’t Think Twice About Your Daily Activities

Home Automation Customized to Make Life Easier

Smart homes make it easy to enjoy your space and bring a level of comfort to your family that is unprecedented.  But with all the control in your hands, it can be quite overwhelming.  What if there was a way to manage things, without even lifting a finger?  By installing home automation in your Bentonville, AR abode, you can live a life of breezy ease. Read on to see how smart home control can make even the hardest tasks stress-free.

Lights On and Off

Rushing out the door as you head to work can equate to forgetfulness concerning your home’s management.  You have priorities – work, family, friends – and keeping up with every aspect of the house can be hard to remember.  Now with controlled lighting, you don’t have to worry if you’ve left lights on in the house.  You can have occupancy sensors notice when you and others have left specific rooms, and automatically shut off the lights if they sense no one there.  If you have a late night out or at the office, you can have your landscape lighting turn on once the sun sets.  During the day, if you wish for the lights indoors to dim during dinner time or into the evening, you can easily set the mood by having dimmers automatically set to work at a given time.  You can schedule them yourself, and not have to worry about changing the lights as the time changes – now it’s taken care of for you.


Automated Shades

When the sun directly hits your windows and illuminates your rooms, it can be harmful to your décor and furniture, or even cause ghastly glares all over your TV screen.  With motorized shades for your beautiful windows, you won’t have to get up from the comfy sofa and adjust them yourself.  Instead, you can schedule your shades to lower when the sun is at a certain place in the sky.  Have them sense when the room is getting too much natural sunlight, and they’ll also lower to prevent solar heat gain.  With dual shading, you can have both an aesthetically appealing design for your room, but also keep black-out shades for when the light needs to be entirely minimized.  Pick from multiple fabrics, patterns, and styles, and set the shades to fit your every need throughout the day.


Keeping your home safe and secure is also a high priority.  With a feature called “geo-fencing,” you can create a virtual perimeter surrounding your property so that you can manage your security system simply from your smartphone.  By setting up this perimeter, your system can know when you leave it and turn on every alarm and monitoring system without you having to remember to do so.  Then once you return, it will sense when you’ve reentered the perimeter, and turn off the alarms for you.  You can also change and set for this to occur at certain hours or times of the day.  Safety is made easy for you, and without any hassle at all.

Home automation gives you a hands-off simplicity to your day.  No need to worry about operating your home, when it can do it for you. To learn more about smart home control, contact us at (479) 365-2201 or online through our contact page.




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