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Transition From Summer to Fall with an Outdoor Audio System!

on Tuesday, 20 August 2019. Posted in Outdoor Audio, Fayetteville, AR, Outdoor Audio

Why an Outdoor Speaker System Is Versatile Enough for Nearly Every Season

Transition From Summer to Fall with an Outdoor Audio System!

When August approaches, many people start thinking of cooling temperatures, back-to-school activities and, consequently, the imminent end of many their favorite season -- summer. But given the balmy climate we enjoy here in Fayetteville, Arkansas, homeowners don’t have to worry about the warm-weather fun ending so soon.

Let’s explore how you can take your outdoor audio entertaining from summer to fall without a hitch, and why now’s the perfect time to install a new sound system!


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The Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Though it’s tempting to write off summer now that kids are returning to school and holiday planning begins, don’t stop savoring the season yet! We still have more than a month and a half to enjoy it. Besides, let’s face it, any relief from the heat we experienced in July makes outdoor, summer activities sound even more appealing, especially when you’re enjoying your favorite music outside with loved ones.

Imagine vibrant pool parties with your closest friends, accompanied by fast-paced party music and margaritas. As the night winds down and guests leave, you can transition your playlist to smooth jazz while you relax in the jacuzzi.

Is it time to round out your summer with plenty of pool parties, BBQs and patio gatherings?  If so, A/V Design Consultants can transform exterior areas without impacting design with hidden audio that blends right into the outside walls. Implement speakers that camouflage with other outdoor elements -- like planters and rocks -- so that music emanates from the landscape as though it belongs there.


Thinking Ahead to Fall

Outdoor sound systems will prove an ongoing investment because you’ll savor your sound features well past Labor Day. Though you might not be wading in your pool all fall, your entertainment options start ramping up: Autumn signifies the height of football season, a defining moment for many SEC football fans.

Consider including an outdoor, partial-shade TV to your patio or sunroom for an alfresco entertainment space and take advantage of the southern climate by hosting Razorbacks-themed watch parties. Just add friends, cocktails, snacks and healthy rivalries.

Why Outdoor Audio Equipment?

Maybe you’ve made it this far but still wonder why outdoor-specific audio equipment is important. Though we can site many reasons, we first must mention the importance of using weatherproof speakers that can carry you through the unpredictable transition. The seasons’ extreme heat and random storms demand outdoor audio engineered to handle above-100-degree temperatures and sealed to protect it from any water damage.

Also, mastering sound dispersion is more difficult outside because fewer people are seated in one set place, as you see with dedicated theaters. Outside, we account for elements like wind, moving people, plants and countless other factors competing for sound. You must also consider the wide, open space: How are you going to fill your yard without overcompensating and ending up with an undesirable, “boomy” sound?

A/V Design Consultants hand-picks each speaker and subwoofer we use from top brands like Origin Acoustics. Then, we map out the most strategic placement for the effect you desire, ensuring you get full, even sound coverage throughout the selected area.

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