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How Your Business Can Save Big with a Building Automation System

on Tuesday, 23 April 2019. Posted in Building Automation System Fayetteville AR, Building Automation System

Put More Money Back into Your Company with Smart Technology

How Your Business Can Save Big with a Building Automation System

Often in a business startup, the old adage still applies: If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. But as your business grows, it’s crucial that you find efficient solutions to help with daily operations so you can keep your eyes on the bigger picture.

Hiring staff, expanding your office space, and investing in smart technology may sound like a big pinch from your wallet, but choosing the right solutions for your business will contrarily help you put some of that money right back into the bank—or into the company you’re working so hard to grow.

One of the best ways your business in Fayetteville, Arkansas can save big is by implementing a building automation system. Explore the cost benefits below.

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One-Touch Control

A building automation system dramatically enhances the functionality of your office. Rather than having to remember the location of every light switch or collect a pile of remotes for your TVs and other AV equipment, an automation system puts all of the control in a single easy-to-use interface for ultimate efficiency.

With one button, you can arm or disarm your security system, adjust your thermostats, set your office lighting, turn on your TVs, and more. Program scenes that trigger multiple events to occur at once or control each event yourself—all from the same touchscreen, keypad, or mobile device.

With building automation, you’ll never have to worry about leaving a TV on or a door unlocked at the end of the work day. Centralized control of your technology gives you the ability to turn everything off at once—with just a tap. Doors will lock, the alarm system will arm, lights will shut off, TVs will power down, and you can drive home assured that your office is secure.

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Energy Regulation

According to Whole Building Design Group, HVAC systems account for nearly 40 percent of the energy used in commercial buildings in the U.S. And that doesn’t include the amount of energy your lighting system uses, too. With a building automation system, you can dramatically reduce the amount of energy you use by getting lights, motorized shades, and thermostats to work in tandem for optimum energy regulation.

Set your motorized shades to let in sun for natural light in the morning so you can keep lights off when they’re not needed. If the risen shades bring in too much heat and increase the temperature in your office space, your shades will automatically lower to preserve your AC.

Energy management sensors integrated with your control system will help keep your shades, lights, and thermostats working together to maximize energy efficiency so that you don’t waste money running unnecessary electricity.

The benefits of building automation don’t just stop at cost savings. Learn more about how an automation system for your office can help empower your meetings and productivity, lower your carbon footprint, better secure your valuables, and more. Get started by contacting our team of seasoned automation experts or sending us a live chat below!




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