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Why 2019 is the Year to Upgrade Your Home Network

on Monday, 25 March 2019. Posted in Home Network Bentonville AR

As Your Smart Home Grows, Make Sure Your Network Can Keep Up

Why 2019 is the Year to Upgrade Your Home Network

We’re living in a digital revolution—one that’s giving rise to wholly interconnected, easy-to-control smart homes thanks to IoT. Of course, this shouldn’t be news to anyone as consumer technology becomes more accessible than ever, transforming the way we live our lives.

From home security and lighting control to your audio/video system, whole-home automation system and more, the technologies that help run your Bentonville, Arkansas property are only as reliable as the foundation on which they run: your home network.

Don’t risk a slow, unreliable, and insecure smart home with a network system that can’t keep up. Instead, learn what to expect when you upgrade to a strong networking infrastructure that can support your growing technology. We lay out the details below.

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Tighter Security

As our lives become increasingly digital, robust cybersecurity is crucial when operating your home’s integrated devices. An upgraded networking system with complex password protection, updated firmware, a virtual private network, anti-virus software, and firewalls will ensure your smart home is guarded and your family is safe from digital threats.

What’s more, our team at AV Design Consultants provides ongoing support for your network and delivers diagnostic services remotely so you can rest assured that any potential security threats are solved right away. With our team working alongside you, you can be confident that your home never goes offline and works around the clock to keep your home and family secure.

Faster Speeds

It goes without saying: The more devices connected to your home, the more strain your network feels. As you grow your smart home, your network must be able to facilitate communication between all of your technologies for fast, reliable responses.

Some of your home’s connected devices, such as a smart doorbell, may only require small amounts of data and a simple wi-fi connection to work the way they’re meant to. But smart devices like your desktop computer and audio/video system require heavy amounts of data and work more reliably when hardwired.

If you don’t know the limitations of your current network equipment, our team can help you determine if your network has the strength to keep up. We specialize in wireless and hardwired solutions that offer the perfect coverage for properties large and small.

More Reliable Connections

Perhaps you have a speedy network already, but how often do you experience loss in connection? Because your smart home is only as reliable as your network, your devices can’t work how they’re meant to when they continue losing connection to the internet.

Our team delivers elite solutions like fiber-optic and structured cabling, mesh networks, and device prioritization to ensure a strong, reliable network that you can count on around the clock. A little planning goes a long way when you make sure your home network that is thoughtfully designed around your needs.

The time is now to invest in a robust, reliable, and secure network infrastructure for your growing smart home. Get started now by contacting us here or by sending a live chat below to talk with a team member.




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