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Let’s Look at Wi-Fi 6, the Home Network of 2020!

on Wednesday, 23 October 2019. Posted in Home Network, Springdale, AR, Home Network

How to Connect All of Your Devices, Expand Reach and Improve User Experience

Let’s Look at Wi-Fi 6, the Home Network of 2020!

We know that your home network isn’t the most glamorous part of your Springdale, Arkansas, smart home, but you can’t deny it connects your most memorable audio-video experiences. Though networking tools aren’t as flashy as an 8K display or dazzling home theater, Wi-Fi’s newest iteration is nothing short of impressive when you see all of its features.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why a speedy connection matters and dive into the new Wi-Fi standard that we’ll see in homes soon. Are you ready to stop settling for a slow internet speed? Keep reading to see what AV Design Consultants can do to help.

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We Test, Install and Improve

If you have a smart home, you use a lot of bandwidth daily. Streaming movies or live sports, connecting whole-home audio and security systems has many devices competing for bandwidth on the same network. What if there were a way to handle all these demands without additional access points, and clunky DIY range extenders that often fail to bridge dead zones.

When you are managing a fully loaded smart home, you probably need an expert’s touch to deliver on high-speed, top-performance networks. We start by testing your connection speed and looking for opportunity areas. At AV Design Consultants, we believe your network fuels everything your automation can do, which is why we can’t wait to introduce what the future holds for smart home users.

Welcome to the New Wi-Fi Standard

As devices grow more complicated, networks have to adapt. That’s why the Wi-Fi Alliance raised to standard before a new decade of smart home technology emerged.

Also called the 802.11ax standard, Wi-Fi 6 is not just increasing the overall speed of a network but also boosting wireless speeds of individual clients. Multiple users per wireless network can enjoy the same speed, unlike previous models, who had multiple users competing for bandwidth and some getting higher priority. This improvement means that someone can stream movies while another takes a video conference call from their home office - all without a hiccup. Businesses were some of the early adopters of this internet service, and it’s now giving homeowners a taste of a true “enterprise-grade network.”

The new standard also boasts enhanced beamforming capabilities, which allows your router to direct more signals to devices struggling to make a connection. This concept nearly eliminates dead zones. Plus, its lower latency speeds up the process by packing more data into a signal, which facilitates data transmission through your network. You’ll see benefits like reduced load times and virtually zero disconnects.

How Can You Get Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 routers are already widely available, but you’ll find that not every device is prepared. A few laptops and the Galaxy S10 smartphone were among the first to implement the networking technology, but we expect many more devices by 2020. Look for droves of packages to say “Wi-Fi 6-enabled” or feature a Wi-Fi symbol with a circled “6.”

Future-Proof Your Smart Home

Let us begin installing your network now. We think you’ll thank us later when you’re enjoying your fully loaded, speedy smart home that includes every device you’ve ever wanted. A professionally installed network can not only set you up for a robust connection now, but one that connects all the innovative tech you’ll see soon.

Ready to get started? Contact us here to contact a live agent below. We look forward to exploring how we can help you!




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