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Upgrading Your Outdoor Entertainment? Let’s Talk TVs and Audio.

on Thursday, 19 September 2019. Posted in Outdoor Entertainment, Rogers, AR, Outdoor Entertainment

Find out why you need ultra-bright TVs and weatherproof audio outside.

Upgrading Your Outdoor Entertainment? Let’s Talk TVs and Audio.

Here in the South, fall presents one of the most beneficial seasons for outdoor entertainment. As you know, our summers can get so warm that sometimes we avoid anything that’s not air conditioned for a while. Just as football season approaches, however, we can relish the fresh breeze and a good drink from your patio. Watch your favorite team win while surrounded by your best friends, host BBQs or sip hot apple cider as Halloween approaches.

Whatever your goals for the season, you’ll probably need some equipment to actualize them. You likely won’t achieve the full effect of outdoor entertainment without an outdoor A/V system, including a durable, weatherproof TV and audio setup. We’ll talk more about why it’s essential to find a specialized display and speaker system, so stay tuned!

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A Brighter Picture

Even when you’re not in a sunny area, you’re bound to deal with some distracting ambient glare that almost ruins any movie or football game you’re trying to enjoy. You’ll find that ambient light is no match for a SunBrite TV LED display, which boasts brightness levels up to three times that of most indoor versions. Even better, you can customize your experience with full-sun, partial-sun and shade models for everything from a poolside display to a shaded deck TV.


Superior Sound Dispersion

Our partner, Coastal Source, makes various models that project pristine, static-free sound while withstanding outdoor elements and extreme temperatures. They are famous for their sleek bollard and bullet speakers that add a decorative touch to landscaping. For an even more discreet speaker, make sure to look up their rock-like designs!

Like outdoor TVs, speakers face environmental challenges. In this case, we’re referring to sound distribution: Have you ever been to an outdoor soiree and noticed a “boomy,” uneven speaker effect? This happens because sound has a more difficult sound traveling through open spaces. Also, environmental elements like wind and water are always in flux, further distorting the sound quality. With an expert integrator’s help and the right equipment, you can get the immersive, surround-sound effect you’ve come to expect indoors.

You never have to worry about outdoor elements damaging your high-end speaker investment. Coastal Source seals all the speaker technology to waterproof it and installs heat-absorbent cones that protect against even the most extreme Arkansas heat.


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